Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mormon Terminology, Pt. 3: Acronyms

Mormons use these acronyms a lot! Here's what they mean. (Definitions coming soon.)
* Commonly spoken. In some cases, the acronym is always used in place of the full term.

BoM or BOM  (the Book of Mormon)
BYC* ( Bishop's Youth Council or Committee)
BYU* (Brigham Young University)
BYU-I*  (Brigham Young University - Idaho)
CES* (Church Educational System)
D&C* (Doctrine and Covenants)
EFY* (Especially for Youth)
EQP (Elder's Quorum President)
FHE* (Family Home Evening)
LDS* (Latter-day Saint)
PPI (Personal Priesthood Interview)
RS (Relief Society)
YSA (Young Single Adult)
YM (Young Men)
YW (Young Women)

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