Friday, May 3, 2013

The "Seminary Answers"

Education is an important principle to Mormons. That's why church is 3 hours long, and the Church publishes all kinds of books and materials to help teachers teach and students learn. There are also many classes that the Church provides (such as Sunday S\chool, financial seminars, leadership training, etc.), and seminary is one of them. Seminary is a four-year class for high school students. Each year the class focuses on either the Book of Mormon, the Old Testament and the Pearl of Great Price, the New Testament, or the Doctrine and Covenants and church history. The class is typically held five days a week during the regular school year, which can get pretty tedious for a busy, stressed-out teen. (I would know. I lived it.)

The terms "Seminary answers" and "Sunday School answers" have come to mean the answers to a question that pretty much everyone in the room knows but will not say because it's so obvious. For example, a Sunday School teacher might ask, "How can we come closer to God? Any thoughts?" The Seminary answers are: 1) Pray. 2) Read your scriptures. 3) Go to church. 4) Repent. 5) Develop your faith in Jesus Christ (by doing what he says and such).

Those four answers are the answers to SO MANY QUESTIONS that teachers will ask, probably because they are pretty much the answers to life. Because these answers are so universal, and because the concepts in the answers are taught day after day, after day, after day, after seminary, and week after week in Sunday School, they are called the "Seminary answers" or the "Sunday School answers."

Or at least that how I would explain it.

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